“Everyone knows an older person they care about. Physicians have the privilege of knowing many. We are always on the lookout for ways to better relate to those we serve. Gene Hameroff has put a valuable tool into our hands with his book about a decision facing the families of every senior. It’s a “must read.” - Steven A. Wool, M.D., Tucson, AZ, Board Certifed in Internal Medicine, Former Pima County Medical Society Doctor of the Year

There are books aplenty about seniors, but never one like this. We all face ‘the move’ question when our independent lifestyle grows harder to manage. In this engaging first person story, Hameroff, at 93, tells us step by step how he found the right location to maintain his independence, fulfill his dreams, and write the next chapter of his fascinating life. Or paint the next picture –he's an accomplished artist.

Gene's experience is of vital interest to seniors and their families, to doctors and scientists, and specialists on aging, to governments and insurance providers, retirement facility owners, artists, entertainers and merchants–in other words, to just about everyone. On top of that, the book is fun to read, enlivened with a light touch about serious issues.


Paintings by Gene


About the Author


Eugene J. Hameroff sometimes signs notes to friends, “Gene, the advertising machine.” It’s only partly tongue-in-cheek. In Columbus,
Ohio he founded H/M/S Partners, Ltd, which grew to have six offices nationwide and was rated the “third hottest agency in the U.S.” by Advertising Age.

In 2000, Hameroff retired and moved to the community of SaddleBrooke, near Tucson, Arizona, where he could golf every day, pursue his lifelong passion for painting, and share an active life with friends.

When health issues in 2013 indicated it was time to make a move, Hameroff was asked by Carol Poole, the editor of the community newspaper, to write a series of articles on the steps he was taking to find and relocate to an Independent Living Facility, a pressing issue now for families with seniors, and a coming universal need. Hence, WHEN IT’S TIME TO MAKE THE MOVE! (Read More)

They're Saying


“Everyone knows an older person they care about. Physicians have the privilege of knowing many. We are always on the lookout for ways to better relate to those we serve. Hameroff has put a valuable tool into our hands with this book about a decision facing the family of every senior. A must-read!”

Steven A. Wool, M.D., Board Certified in Internal Medicine
Former Pima County Medical Society Doctor of the Year


“Finally! A much-needed manifesto written by a resident who has been through the process of finding a senior community and mastered it beautifully. This is important information for anyone who is worried about what the future may bring. Surprise! It’s wonderful! Who knew?”

Meredith Kuhn, Executive Director
Atria Campana Del Rio, Tucson, AZ


“Gene Hameroff offers a well-written “handbook” to help seniors ease their angst of moving into a Senior Living Facility. We have helped many families through this process and get to see the success he writes about. ‘Thriving’ rather than just ‘Surviving’  is possible with this move. What a gift to have him share his experience with us.”

Kim Oden and Teresa Petrillo
Adult Care Home Placement Service, Tucson, AZ


“No need to reinvent the wheel. Gene has all the spokes right here! He has systematically, with a touch of humor, covered exactly the information one would be pondering in contemplating a move to residential facility living. This is an excellent resource to educate oneself and help to dissipate concerns and reservations that often impede acting on this option. You could be moving to the most supportive ‘micro-community’ you have lived in since ‘the 50s!’

 “This quick read even goes beyond the ‘when to move’ question to include a few future ‘quality of life’ considerations....hearing; isolation or socialization; safety; assistance levels; enrichment; companionship and community. Having the luxury of being ‘proactive’ in choosing a residential facility vs ‘reactive’ to a surprise medical event .....Priceless!”

Marcia Ellis, P.T., Vestibular Therapy Specialty, Wallace Physical Therapy, Tucson, AZ


“Most people wait too long.”
Robert Wallace, P.T., Owner, Wallace Physical Therapy, Tucson,  AZ


“‘When It’s Time to Make the Move!’ is a small book with a big message. It seems to answer all the questions raised when making a decision to move from your home. It’s a must read for seniors approaching that time in their life, for their children who may be scared to bring up the subject, and to others who know that this decision is in their future. It’s time to read ‘When It’s Time to Make the Move!’”

Brent L. Davis
Past Chair
Handmaker Jewish Services for the Aging
Tucson, Arizona


“This well-written guide dispels many common misconceptions about assisted living. Mr. Hameroff writes about his experiences in a way that is both informative and encouraging. I recommend this book to anyone considering a move to assisted living.”

Laura Michaels, MSW
Eldercare Specialist


“Your book is well written and your enjoyable one-to-one style makes the reader feel your are speaking directly to him. The theme develops smoothly through the book, and you provide helpful information that seniors need to transition from their home to the good life. Good Job!”

Dr. Harry Huizinga
Professor of Biology, Retired
Tucson, AZ


“I should have moved a year ago!”

Betty Lambert
Independent Living resident, Tucson, AZ


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